Wiking Helikopter Service

Wiking adds brand-new H145 helicopter to offshore fleet

Wiking Helikopter Service has added a brand-new H145 helicopter to its offshore operations. The H145 is the first of two identical choppers that the company has ordered from Airbus Helicopters, according to a news article published at the European Business Air News (EBAN) website on 10 November 2016. The company expects to take delivery of the second helicopter in October 2017.

Wiking has confirmed that it has configured and dedicated the first chopper to the undertaking of several upcoming offshore operations, which include dropping off harbour pilots, flying North Sea rescue missions and transporting technicians to wind farms operating in offshore locations. The second H145 will be deployed for similar operations once it arrives next year. “This marks the company’s first Airbus Helicopters order and is the first time an H145 has been configured for offshore use,” EBAN states.

The arrival of the H145 is already generating a great deal of excitement and confidence within the ranks and files of Wiking Helikopters. Its functional features and technical specifications are indeed well-suited for offshore operations. For instance, it is designed to accommodate an additional payload of up to 200 kilograms because of its single-engine hover functionality. “It is also equipped with an emergency floatation system certified for Sea State 6, weather radar, an underwater emergency egress lighting system and a floating emergency locator transmitter,” according to EBAN.

The company’s Managing Director, Alexander von Plato, is optimistic that the maximised technical and functional features of this aircraft will contribute significantly towards the growth of the company’s current and future private aviation activities. EBAN quotes von Plato as saying: “We are very happy with the H145; it perfectly meets market requirements for hoist operations by two pilots flying to wind farms and ships in the North Sea.”